Little Calum Drabble Thing

Stay the Night - Luke Imagine

♪ ♫ ♪


Calum is my fav Luke groupie

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5 Seconds Of Summer at The Orange Lounge - April 19, 2014. (x)
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well this has been quite the exciting night & janin must sleep now nanite peeps

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Ashton being cute

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  • house guest: your children are so beautiful! how many do you have?
  • calum's wife: we have tw-
  • calum: three.
  • calum's wife: no? we don't we only have-
  • calum: [pets the massive german shepard in his lap]
  • calum's wife: we have 3
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"All my ex-girlfriends are Asian."

If you’ve ever come across this charming come-on, you’ve probably been exposed to yellow fever

For her full rant watch the video here.

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Calum, Luke, and Ashton at Aerosmith - July 30, 2014 [x]

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calum + amnesia music video

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Anonymous asked: this is really random, but what font is your mobile title?!

tumblr says “arquitecta” !

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5sos + shopping carts

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@Ashton5SOS: Told you I was an astronaut and ya’ll didn’t believe me.. Boom ☺️🙈😉

What a dork

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